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Article: ISSCC 2012 Preview
By: Vincent Diepeveen (, November 29, 2011 4:10 pm
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David Kanter ( on 11/29/11 wrote:
>Back from Thanksgiving, we have a new article ready to go. For those who can't
>quite wait to hear what ISSCC has in store in February:
>Highlights of the upcoming 2012 ISSCC include the first 22nm disclosures from Intel
>and several SoC papers from AMD, Cavium Networks and Oracle. Looking out further
>to the future, the clear focus is power consumption. There are several papers from
>Intel on low-power logic, one from IBM discussing 3D integration of embedded DRAM
>and a third from Fujitsu on system level power for the K supercomputer.

You mean they are gonna eat more power again meanwhile saying loud they do not?

I remember how some years ago entire desktops power consumption was 60 watt. Now laptops are 60 watt, a desktop is well over 250 watt and a 2 socket machine or an overclocked single socket box is well over 400 watt.

That's excluding the gpgpu card, which eats another 400-500 watt from the power tap.

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