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Article: ISSCC 2012 Preview
By: Vincent Diepeveen (, December 1, 2011 9:42 am
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goose ( on 12/1/11 wrote:
>Vincent Diepeveen ( on 11/29/11 wrote:
>>David Kanter ( on 11/29/11 wrote:
>>>Back from Thanksgiving, we have a new article ready to go. For those who can't
>>>quite wait to hear what ISSCC has in store in February:
>>>Highlights of the upcoming 2012 ISSCC include the first 22nm disclosures from Intel
>>>and several SoC papers from AMD, Cavium Networks and Oracle. Looking out further
>>>to the future, the clear focus is power consumption. There are several papers from
>>>Intel on low-power logic, one from IBM discussing 3D integration of embedded DRAM
>>>and a third from Fujitsu on system level power for the K supercomputer.
>>You mean they are gonna eat more power again meanwhile saying loud they do not?
>>I remember how some years ago entire desktops power consumption was 60 watt. Now
>>laptops are 60 watt, a desktop is well over 250 watt and a 2 socket machine or
>>an overclocked single socket box is well over 400 watt.
>>That's excluding the gpgpu card, which eats another 400-500 watt from the power tap.
>You really think that a standard desktop without a discrete GPU eats 250 watts?
>Get one of those plug packs that is a watt meter, i think you will be rather surprised.

Yes we have a lot of those over here. But i get the impression you do not.

>If in case of TLDR; a 2600K only used 128 watts at the wall at full load.

2600k is just a 4 core chip and expensive. Not interesting therefore.

Only a very old machine mine has 4 cores. It's from 2005.

>Also, NO and I mean NO, GPU eats 500 watts by itself.

Watt meter here proves you wrong.

>Below is a link to an article about the GTX590, the current big boy, and it has
>a total system draw of less than 500 watts.

HD 6990 is of course the king everywhere. 1.4Tflop double precision and 5.4 Tflop single precision.

As most codes i run are not capable of multiply-add, you can from *all* manufacturers divide that capability by 2 by the way.

As you know the GTX590 is crippled in double precision by factor 4. So it has just 25% of the double precision capacity of tesla times 2. meanwhile you pay a big price for the GTX590.

It's fast for 32x32 multiplication.

>If you think that I cherry picked those results, know that I simply googled the
>one on the 590 and the other one was an assumption that Anand had tested the power usage of the 2600K.

Yes you just can google and over here we test.
Thank you.

>That being said feel free to call BS, as I am certain I can provide plenty more evidence where they came from.


>Finally but most importantly, new systems are dramatically faster than those of
>yesteryear but power has not increased anywhere near the same rate. This means that
>they are getting considerably more efficient.
>Remember that we ask more of our current PCs then we used to. If you gave each
>system the same workload, the new one will use considerably less power than the old one.
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