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Article: ISSCC 2012 Preview
By: Jouni Osmala (, December 1, 2011 10:50 am
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>>If in case of TLDR; a 2600K only used 128 watts at the wall at full load.
>2600k is just a 4 core chip and expensive. Not interesting therefore.
>Only a very old machine mine has 4 cores. It's from 2005.

Intels 4 core is superiour to AMD:s 6 core. Also you should compare workstations , not desktops if you talk about dual socket. Of course there is the ultimate high end that is definitely a minority.

>>Also, NO and I mean NO, GPU eats 500 watts by itself.
>Watt meter here proves you wrong.

And you have verified that its the graphics card and not the power supply as main culprit for that? You might have a power supply which efficiency rating is reasonable at room temperature (standard tests) but sucks more if case temperature raises. With the standard method of testing the power supply efficiency there is no way you get to same rating with real computers, especially with bigger power supplies. You either get below load it gets rated, in which efficiency shoots to the floor, or too hot cooling air for power supply which hampers the efficiency.
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