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Article: Medfield, Intel's x86 Phone Chip
By: Anon (, January 27, 2012 10:32 pm
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anon ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>Anon ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>>anon ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>>>Anon ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>>>>Doug Siebert ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>>>>>Foo_ ( on 1/26/12 wrote:
>>>>>>Yes. I think smartphones will trickle down in the coming years, because the price
>>>>>>of entry-level smartphones will decrease and the price of 3G data access will decrease
>>>>>>too. So people like me will soon switch to smartphones even though they won't make
>>>>>>a heavy use of it, and they will expect decent standby times out of them.
>>>>>There are and will be many low end Android phones coming out which will cause smartphones
>>>>>to entirely replace the feature phone market over the next few years. A lot of
>>>>>the "smartphones" will be only in name as their owners will use them only as phones,
>>>>>and never use any smartphone functionality such as browsing or apps. I wouldn't
>>>>>be surprised in fact to see disabling the ability to load apps, removing the browser,
>>>>>Wifi capability etc. on the very lowest end models as a method of artificial market segmentation.
>>>>>I'm sure someone will make (if they aren't already) Android phones that are a bit
>>>>>thicker to accomodate a jumbo battery, which would allow a month of standby time
>>>>>for those who almost never use their phone. You're not the only who has this usage
>>>>>model, my retired parents have a cell phone that they only use when travelling.
>>>>>I think maybe my dad also brings it with him when he goes to the grocery store
>>>>>so he can call my mom if he can't find something on her list :)
>>>>>My point in dismissing the advantage in standby when compared to the iPhone 4S
>>>>>is that customers who buy the iPhone or an Android phone comparable to the Medfield
>>>>>reference platform are buying them to be used heavily as smartphones. The battery
>>>>>life when actually using them is pretty much the same. The difference in standby
>>>>>time is only relevant to a certain segment of the feature phone replacement market,
>>>>>and I doubt Intel plans to (or even can) compete with ARM in that ultimate cut throat
>>>>>market where saving even a few pennies in the BOM rules supreme.
>>>>I would agree pretty much.
>>>>One other thing to consider, I suspect that cutting down a high end phone to such
>>>>minimal capability (smaller dimmer screen, slower cpu, lesser gpu, less memory,
>>>>no 3g, no wireless, no gps, less sensors, etc) would allow a significant increase
>>>>in the standby time without having to look too deeply at the core architecture.
>>>No, you're not looking at the complete picture. I mean, your statement is correct,
>>>but when you have less peripheral power draw, then you have relatively larger idle
>>>core power draw. So it becomes more important to have lower power core.
>>>Manufacturers of course want to put the smallest, cheapest battery on there that they can.
>>I'm not missing the point, thats why I said 'slower cpu' as by my understanding
>>idle power demands also tend to drop heavily with lower end CPUs due to their base
>>silicon being on lower leakage processes.
>>I have not verified that, but it does make a certain amount of sense, no?
>Cutting out a lot of power draw and reducing CPU speed for a phone that will only
>be used for calls and text, makes the CPU's idle power use relatively more important,
>doesn't it? So they certainly could drop Medfield speed and put it in phones without
>sensors and with very small screens, and that would certainly increase standby time.
>But it's idle power consumption would become a relatively much larger issue, so
>nobody would use it when they could just use an ARM instead.

Either I am not explaining well, or you are missing my point.

I am not talking about running the same cpu design slower (all phones do that, throttling is heavy and deep sleep modes critical in phones).

I am talking about using a different actual CPU with a lower peak performance, but built on a slower, lower leakage, lower power process.

There are ARM (and other) CPUs built on very very low leakage, if you dont need GHz performance.Their deep sleep power is very very low.....
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