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Article: Analysis of Haswell's Transactional Memory
By: Moritz (better.delete@this.not.tell), February 26, 2012 2:29 am
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I found the personal off-topic content in the introduction strangely interesting.
"I was the co-founder of Strandera, a start up ..."
First I thought, interesting to know what these respected distant Internet-people do off-line.
"A while back, my friend and colleague Andreas Stiller reported ..."
I was like wait, Andreas Stiller as in as@heise an author in my favorite computer magazine (c't) from my home city of Hannover in Germany? Must be, unlikely there are that many in this field.

Reading your Authors description I find that you care for economics. Although not formally educated in the field of macroeconomics I took deeper interest in it with the 2008 events. One of my general fascinations is how complexity arises from simple rules and many agents and how people are incapable of dealing with large systems coping by making it a conspiracy or what I find similar God, ghosts, ect.(because both are reductions to a single(human) entity, which people are used too.). Even money-flow is difficult for most, it seems to disappear all the time, especially in government.
Putting something off-topic on the page is inappropriate, but are you active in that area on some other site? My favorite blog and forum about it closed some time ago and I have not come across a similar level of discourse since.
I hope I did not cross some line. I try to read and enjoy quietly/leave the posting to the more experienced, but it is hard not to get exited when you find smart people.
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