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Article: Analysis of Haswell's Transactional Memory
By: lemuel (lemuel.delete@this.lemuel.org), May 18, 2012 2:22 pm
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Thanks for your pleasant post. Strangely I'm invited by te web iface to answer it!
Moritz (better@not.tell) on 2/26/12 wrote:
>I found the personal off-topic content in the introduction strangely interesting.
>"I was the co-founder of Strandera, a start up ..."
>First I thought, interesting to know what these respected distant Internet-people do off-line.
>"A while back, my friend and colleague Andreas Stiller reported ..."
>I was like wait, Andreas Stiller as in as@heise an author in my favorite computer
>magazine (c't) from my home city of Hannover in Germany? Must be, unlikely there are that many in this field.
>Reading your Authors description I find that you care for economics. Although not
>formally educated in the field of macroeconomics I took deeper interest in it with
>the 2008 events. One of my general fascinations is how complexity arises from simple
>rules and many agents and how people are incapable of dealing with large systems
>coping by making it a conspiracy or what I find similar God, ghosts, ect.(because
>both are reductions to a single(human) entity, which people are used too.). Even
>money-flow is difficult for most, it seems to disappear all the time, especially in government.
>Putting something off-topic on the page is inappropriate, but are you active in
>that area on some other site? My favorite blog and forum about it closed some time
>ago and I have not come across a similar level of discourse since.
>I hope I did not cross some line. I try to read and enjoy quietly/leave the posting
>to the more experienced, but it is hard not to get exited when you find smart people.
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