Sandy Bridge EP launches

Article: Sandy Bridge-EP Launches
By: David Kanter (, March 6, 2012 10:54 am
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Sandy Bridge-EP is the first major overhaul for Intel servers since 2009, and nearly ever aspect has been enhanced. The processor pairs 8 cores with a large last level cache, DDR3 memory controller, QPI 1.1, integrated PCI-E and power management. This article provides an overview of the major features, including new I/O optimization and power capping techniques and discusses the expected impact.


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Sandy Bridge EP launchesDavid Kanter2012/03/06 10:54 AM
  Sandy Bridge EP launchesoctoploid2012/03/06 01:10 PM
    Sandy Bridge EP launchesEric2012/03/06 09:28 PM
      Sandy Bridge EP launchesa person2012/03/07 12:25 PM
        Sandy Bridge EP launchesanonymous2012/03/07 01:30 PM
    but there is competition, and an emerging markethobold2012/03/07 03:15 AM
      but there is competition, and an emerging marketmpx2012/03/08 02:21 AM
        but there is competition, and an emerging marketAaron Spink2012/03/10 04:01 PM
          Then what is your vision? NTRohit2012/03/10 06:52 PM
    Sandy Bridge EP launchesMr. Camel2012/03/10 06:58 AM
      Sandy Bridge EP launchesnone2012/03/10 09:38 AM
      Sandy Bridge EP launchesGabriele Svelto2012/03/10 03:06 PM
  Sandy Bridge L1D Cache BanksBill Henkel2012/03/23 04:51 PM
    Banks probably by bit select?Paul A. Clayton2012/03/23 06:39 PM
      Banks probably by bit select?anonymous2012/03/23 11:54 PM
        L1 more latency sensitive than LLC/memPaul A. Clayton2012/03/24 06:14 AM
          L1 more latency sensitive than LLC/memRicardo B2012/03/24 05:05 PM
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