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Article: Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture
By: Arcadian (no.delete@this.thanks.com), April 24, 2012 9:03 pm
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Exophase (exophase@gmail.com) on 4/23/12 wrote:
>One comment: you say that Intel's goal was a 2X performance increase over Gen 6.
>But every preview so far has shown HD 4000 performance to be substantially beneath
>this, closer to 20-60% typically.

In compute-bound workloads like 3DMark Vantage, performance improvement is very close to 2x. That said, many workloads are not fully compute bound. Memory bandwidth in Ivy Bridge only increased 20% over Sandy Bridge.

Likewise, the performance has been shown to still
>consistently lag high end Llano. I assumed that your comment about it being the
>highest performance IGP at launch meant that it outperforms Llano. Your estimate
>of Llano beating HD3000 by 30 to 100% seems conservative, reviews seem to show it routinely pushing past the 100% point.

Relative performance is going to change depending on whether you are comparing mobile or desktop systems.

Mobile: HD 4000 @ 1.25GHz vs. Llano @ 443MHz
Desktop: HD 4000 @ 1.15GHz vs. Llano @ 600MHz

It should be unsurprising that Llano will fare better on desktop configs, but if you look at the mobile reviews, HD 4000 ranged from on par with Llano (in the Anandtech review) to 15% ahead of Llano (in the Notebookcheck review).

(Speaking for myself)
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