Ivy Bridge GPU article

Article: Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture
By: kalelovil (kalelovil.delete@this.gmail.com), April 25, 2012 7:37 am
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Arcadian (no@thanks.com) on 4/24/12 wrote:
>Exophase (exophase@gmail.com) on 4/23/12 wrote:
>>One comment: you say that Intel's goal was a 2X performance increase over Gen 6.
>>But every preview so far has shown HD 4000 performance to be substantially beneath
>>this, closer to 20-60% typically.
>In compute-bound workloads like 3DMark Vantage, performance improvement is very
>close to 2x. That said, many workloads are not fully compute bound. Memory bandwidth
>in Ivy Bridge only increased 20% over Sandy Bridge.
>Likewise, the performance has been shown to still
>>consistently lag high end Llano. I assumed that your comment about it being the
>>highest performance IGP at launch meant that it outperforms Llano. Your estimate
>>of Llano beating HD3000 by 30 to 100% seems conservative, reviews seem to show
>it routinely pushing past the 100% point.
>Relative performance is going to change depending on whether you are comparing mobile or desktop systems.
>Mobile: HD 4000 @ 1.25GHz vs. Llano @ 443MHz
>Desktop: HD 4000 @ 1.15GHz vs. Llano @ 600MHz
>It should be unsurprising that Llano will fare better on desktop configs, but if
>you look at the mobile reviews, HD 4000 ranged from on par with Llano (in the Anandtech
>review) to 15% ahead of Llano (in the Notebookcheck review).
>(Speaking for myself)

The Anandtech review wasn't entirely balanced however.

They compared an US$378 Intel APU with a much cheaper AMD APU with a lot less CPU grunt. The AMD notebook they used also has a lower memory frequency (1333mhz vs. 1600mhz) and an odd memory configuration (2GB + 4GB, although modern memory controllers shouldn't have any issues with that).
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