Ivy Bridge GPU article

Article: Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture
By: Arcadian (no.delete@this.thanks.com), April 25, 2012 2:34 pm
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David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 4/25/12 wrote:
>kalelovil (kalelovil@gmail.com) on 4/25/12 wrote:
>>The AMD notebook they used also has a lower memory frequency (1333mhz vs.
>>1600mhz) and an odd memory configuration (2GB + 4GB, >although modern memory controllers
>>shouldn't have any issues with that).
>Those are all good points. Also, coming from Anandtech, there is really no excuse for such things.
>Many sites have difficulty obtaining sample products from AMD. However, Anandtech
>is not one of them. AMD has refused to sample server parts to nearly every reviewer,
>except for Anandtech. So getting a modern Llano system with 1.6GT/s memory cannot
>be that hard (unless they want a system using DDR3-L, which is limited to 1.33GT/s).
>Moreover, they could easily go out and purchase a notebook for comparison...the site makes plenty of money.

I think you're arguing on behalf of a pristine comparison, which is nice to ask for, but not how these systems are actually configured.

I think you'll have to get used to the fact that laptops are built based on a set of constraints that don't allow for the same apples to apples comparison that you're used to seeing in desktop reviews.

Just like reviewing two phones will not give you the option of configuring a Samsung Galaxy S-II with the same DRAM, same NAND, same battery, and same display as the Droid Razor so that you can isolate the performance at the component level - you are going to see laptops get customized in the same way as these systems drive towards more integrated form factors.

From a graphics perspective, that's going to put an emphasis on power efficiency, and the ability to support performance while the thermals are tighter, and the system is limited by other systems components that are also chosen for their ability to support low idle power, as well as certain cost entry points.

While your standards may not change for what you expect to see in terms of reviews, the ability of the reviewers to accommodate that expectation becomes harder, and more unrealistic, as such custom apples to apples configurations won't exist for on-the-shelf parts, even if a very technically capable reviewer were to isolate performance at the component level.

And at that point, one has to wonder what the point is to review a platform that doesn't exist in a form that you can buy it.

(Speaking for myself)
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