Ivy Bridge GPU article

Article: Intel's Ivy Bridge Graphics Architecture
By: David Kanter (dkanter.delete@this.realworldtech.com), April 26, 2012 7:51 am
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kalelovil (kalelovil@gmail.com) on 4/26/12 wrote:
>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 4/26/12 wrote:
>>kalelovil (kalelovil@gmail.com) on 4/26/12 wrote:
>>>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 4/25/12 wrote:
>>>>It depends on the market and TDP constraints. For desktop, I'd totally agree with
>>>>you, but for notebook it's probably ambiguous
>>>The Anandtech Ivy Bridge Laptop Preview shows 45W Ivy >Bridge only equalling 35W
>>>Llano despite all the higher TDP and non-IGP (but affecting
>>>the IGP's performance) advantages of the Intel platform.
>>Which advantages are you thinking of?
>Faster memory and faster CPU.
>>>Think of it this way; if a theoretical 45W Ivy Bridge laptop APU was designed with
>>>the graphics core (including its L3 access) removed and the Llano graphics core
>>>grafted in I would expect it to be at least 25% faster in >games than the current 45W Ivy Bridge APUs.
>>That's not possible though. If you look at the system architecture, the two are
>>quite different and that has a major impact on the GPU.
>I was talking theoretically.

Right, well you'd have to work through some damn big differences. There's a reason why Llano has 2X the ROPs of IVB. It's the system architecture.

>>>David Kanter (dkanter@realworldtech.com) on 4/25/12 wrote:
>>>>and for 17W, I'd expect IVB to be better.
>>>We will have to wait and see, and it will depend on a >number of factors including
>>>whether it is being used on battery power or mains and the >ability of the laptop
>>>chassis and cooling system to let it turbo.
>>Battery power of course. I do agree that it's very system dependent.
>>>When it couldn't effectively turbo the igp results of 17W Sandy Bridge were very disappointing:
>>Sandy Bridge was never really meant for 17W. Ivy Bridge actually makes sense there,
>>and Haswell will be an excellent fit.
>>Also, what would you consider the 17W Llano results?
>As far as I know there are none.

So wouldn't you say that IVB is the better 17W solution?

Just like I'd say that a Cortex M0 (or whatever is used) is a far better solution for a hard drive controller than an Intel Atom?

>AMD have had enough issues with Global Foundries' 32nm SOI >process without trying
>to make specialty ultra-low-voltage chips on it.
>Hopefully the process has settled down now and AMD's and >GF's engineers have the hang of it.

It's possible.

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