AMD Jaguar (16h) SOG available

By: Mr. Camel (a.delete@this.b.c), April 21, 2013 12:43 pm
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JeffRupley ( on April 19, 2013 8:52 pm wrote:
> I'm happy to note that the AMD Jaguar (16h) Software Optimization Guide is now publically available:
> One of my personal goals for Jaguar was to make sure AMD released an Opt
> Guide, unlike what happened on Bobcat. In order to get this done, we focused
> only on what we thought would be the most critical information (latency/throughput
> of the more common instructions, a basic microarchitecture description, and
> a smattering of optimization notes specific to Jaguar). I hope we have achieved
> clarity and utility in addition to brevity.
> Anyways, I thought this forum might be interested. My thanks to the work
> from the design team, software/compiler team, and tech writer (especially
> for those who polished up and released this rev 1.1 after I left - I loved
> working on Bobcat and Jaguar, but all things have their season).
> -rupley
> Not speaking for AMD or any other company.

32 bytes per cycle of decode bandwidth seems somewhat excessive for a 2 way superscalar design.

Bobcat exhibited the same feature.
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