i want to see those links pls!! (NT)

Article: The Battle in 64 bit Land, 2003 and Beyond
By: waitressInGaza (beenthere.delete@this.donethat.com), February 5, 2003 1:50 pm
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José Javier Zarate (jzarate@unav.es) on 2/5/03 wrote:
>Dear Mrs. WIG
>I read frequently your posts at Ace's. Why do you keep fighting so many so cleraly
>biased people that add so little to knowledge (there are some biased people that
>adds a lot to knowledge and understanding of a given technology)

well call it a crusade to call a spade a spade but in this case i really did want to see the links Peter derives his info from. from what i see he takes all his data from one digitimes article. thanks for the point of view =)

>Best wishes
>waitressInGaza (beenthere@donethat.com) on 2/3/03 wrote:
>>Bill Todd (billtodd@metrocast.net) on 2/3/03 wrote:
>>>Peter Gerassimoff (pgerassi@ticon.net) on 2/3/03 wrote:
>>>>FYI, Itanium3 (Madison) is only going to be 1.3GHz for the 6MB version and 1,2GHz
>>>>for the 3MB version.
>>>Have you told Intel yet? Their public statements are that Madison is going to clock at 1.5 GHz.
>>>YOur predicted SPEC scores are 25% too high. You should multiply
>>>>them by 80% or SPECint/fp 6MB: 1000/1720 and 3MB: 920/1600.
>>>>You should also give Opteron up to 2.6 to 2.8GHz by end of this year on PC3200.
>>>Really? Do you have a reference for this? The highest speed I've seen AMD claim
>>>for any Hammer this year is 2.6 GHz ("2.4 and 2.6 GHz in Q4", IIRC), and since that
>>>one statement I haven't seen anything beyond 2.4 GHz in Q4 (suggesting that the
>>>previous statement included 2.6 GHz as a best-case possibility which later started to look overoptimistic).
>>>Furthermore, I've seen no claim that the on-chip memory controller can handle anything faster than PC2700 memory.
>>>>Also the SPEC scores you cite are for 32 bit mode only.
>>>That does seem to be the case, at least if one believes Freb Weber's quoted 1202
>>>for 32-bit SPECint at 2 GHz. Paul has expressed skepticism that Fred's other claim
>>>(that the score will improve by 15% - 20% in 64-bit mode) will pan out, because
>>>he thinks that it will be difficult to get the 64-bit (K8-specific) compilers up
>>>to the standard set by the 32-bit Intel compiler used to obtain the 1202 score.
>>>Adding 64 bit speed up
>>>>of 10%
>>>That may either be a bit conservative (based on Fred's statement) or a bit optimistic
>>>(based on current performance differences between the Intel compiler and, e.g., gcc).
>>>and PC3200 speed up of another 10% (conservative),
>>>Or imaginary (again: reference, please?).
>>>2.0GHz Opteron gets 1440/1400,
>>>>2.4GHz gets 1650/1600, 2.6GHz gets 1775/1700 and 2.8GHz gets 1900/1800.
>>>>Given these Opteron has a good chance of beating Itanium3 in SPECfp
>>>Dream on. Opteron won't even beat McKinley when Madison releases, since Opteron
>>>will still be at 2 GHz (or at most 2.2 GHz if Madison's late and the faster Opteron
>>>is early). And unless you can substantiate your claim that Madison won't run at
>>>1.5 GHz, there's no reason to expect Opteron to be able to challenge it in SPECfp
>>>at anything less than about 3.2 - 3.4 GHz.
>>>and Itanium3
>>>>may fall behind many other 64 bit CPUs in SPECint
>>>"Many" others? Not Alpha (EV7 is a bit slower than McKinley so even EV79 in 2004
>>>likely won't quite catch Madison, and EV68 is only about 5% faster than McKinley
>>>so won't nearly match Madison). Certainly not SPARC or MIPS (they're much slower
>>>than McKinley). Not PA-RISC either (faster than SPARC and MIPS, but notably slower
>>>than McKinley). Even POWER4+ will have to bump up its clock rate significantly
>>>to match Madison (it probably can do so, but whether that will happen before Madison's release is unclear).
>>>as Opteron runs far ahead of all of them.
>>>That one I'll agree with.
>>>- bill
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