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By: Hans de Vries (, March 14, 2016 5:36 am
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David Kanter ( on March 13, 2016 6:15 pm wrote:
> Honestly I think the comparison would be more constructive if someone had a breakdown
> of area for SKL and the Twister cores (e.g., actual L2 cache size, etc.). Things
> like VPro probably don't impact the core much. But TSX, etc. do.
> I think it's pretty clear that Apple's core is quite aggressive and fairly impressive. It
> doesn't have nearly the same range as Intel, but it's leagues better than other cores.
> David

=============== CORE SIZES: =================

Just a few rough estimates for now:

Intel Skylake 14nm ~ 8.9mm2 without the big L3 cache slice (a lot bigger as Broadwell)
Apple Twister 16nm ~ 4.5mm2 without the big L2 cache
Arm A72 14/16nm: ~ 9mm2 for a complete quad core cluster + L2

=========== CORE PERFORMANCE ============

The Median base frequency for the new 2016 Intel 14nm high-core-count server chips
is about 2.2 GHz. Comparing with Skylake benchmarks known to have run at 2.2 GHz:

Intel's new servers:

High-core-count server versus tabled.

Skylake@2.2GHz versus Apple A9x (tablet)

High-core-count server versus phone.

Skylake@2.2GHz versus Apple A9 (phone power budget)

Skylake@2.2GHz versus Mediatek Arm A72, 20nm TSMC (phone power budget)

Skylake@2.2GHz versus Qualcomm Kryo, 14nm Samsung/GF (phone power budget)

Skylake@2.2GHz versus Samsung Mongoose, 14nm Samsung/GF (phone power budget)

(As usual: real man look at sub benches)

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