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By: slacker (, April 17, 2017 4:59 pm
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dmcq ( on April 17, 2017 2:14 am wrote:
> How it's done - I like the negotiation at the end ;-)
> How do you plead?

I should have just done that. I recall reading a story about Steve Jobs where he went to Canon in Japan to raise funding for NeXT. After Canon's initial offer came out quite low, Jobs started sobbing in front of the executives. It must have been incredibly unnerving for modest, stern, Japanese business people to witness such a thing. It worked, though, because Jobs secured $100M in funding for 1/6th of the company.

I did the opposite at Mentor. I became increasingly angry and sternly cold when they showed no willingness to flex on price. One thing they were doing that infuriated me was to charge for their results viewer, Calibre RVE. When you run Calibre DRC, it generates a plain-text results report where each line contains an (X,Y) coordinate, plus an error message corresponding to the DRC violation. Mentor wanted $500 per license per month (or maybe it was per quarter) for RVE. All it did was parse the results file, jump to the location of each error in your layout editor window (e.g.: Cadence Virtuoso), and then draw flashing, white rectangles to highlight the violation.

They thought they had me pinned against the wall, and that they could squeeze an additional $1500/month out of me. Instead, I went home and wrote my own equivalent in Cadence skill. It wouldn't draw flashing rectangles, but it would jump to the (X,Y) coordinate of each error and display the DRC violation error message, as well as any custom error message I had written down in an error_explanations.txt file.
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