We've migrated to AWS!

By: David Kanter (dkanter.delete@this.realworldtech.com), April 17, 2017 10:28 pm
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Hey Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that we just moved over to AWS. Our current VM is smaller than our old one, but we have also tweaked our apache configurations, and Amazon's networking is probably lower latency. Let me know what you think - is the site faster, slower, or you don't notice?

A big thanks to Chris for helping with the move!

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We've migrated to AWS!David Kanter2017/04/17 10:28 PM
  Faster (NT)slacker2017/04/17 10:39 PM
    +1 (NT)Megol2017/04/18 05:38 AM
  No noticeable change (NT)Foo_2017/04/18 03:02 AM
    A bit slower or the samemuziqaz2017/04/18 03:09 AM
      Site or ads?David Kanter2017/04/18 07:45 PM
        Site or ads?Gabriele Svelto2017/04/18 11:06 PM
        Site or ads?muziqaz2017/04/19 06:51 AM
    Same here. (Central Europe) (NT)Klimax2017/04/25 02:14 AM
  We've migrated to AWS!Arun Ramakrishnan2017/04/18 05:07 AM
  Faster from Europe (NT)Adrian2017/04/18 06:31 AM
  Faster in Seattle (NT)Ray2017/04/18 12:26 PM
  Time of day dependent +/- performance for me! (NT)John H2017/04/19 12:17 PM
  ...and upgraded the VM :)David Kanter2017/04/21 11:27 AM
    ...and upgraded the VM :)Gabriele Svelto2017/04/22 02:54 PM
  Can't loginExophase NLI2017/04/27 09:15 PM
    Can't loginmuziqaz2017/04/28 04:34 AM
      Can't loginExophase2017/04/28 06:42 AM
    Can't loginMichael S2017/04/28 05:41 AM
      Can't loginJukka Larja2017/04/28 08:59 AM
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