Threadripper 32 core review

By: pgerassi (, August 13, 2018 5:41 pm
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Linus Torvalds ( on August 13, 2018 3:48 pm wrote:
> pgerassi ( on August 13, 2018 3:16 pm wrote:
> >
> > Essentially it seems that Linux distros don't have a scaling problem
> > to 32/64 cores/threads. Windows 10 Pro is the problem.
> Maybe.
> I certainly don't expect any kernel scaling problems with just 64 threads on Linux,
> considering that people have been running real loads with way more than that.
> But the Windows comparison was fairly random, and the Linux benchmarks that Phoronix
> did run are potentially quite a bit more scalable than the ones that Anandtech did.
> For example, the kernel build process has been tuned for parallelism quite a bit - in ways that I'm not convinced
> that the Chromium build has. So the kernel build really does scale pretty well. So it might be less about
> what the platform that you are building on is, and more about what project you are building.
> That said, ridiculously scalable or not, those Phoronix numbers do look good on Linux. It's
> been a long time since I used an AMD system for my personal work (way back in the good old Opteron/K10
> days - I despised all the nasty split-cpu AMD Bulldozer+ cores), but I'm seriously considering
> upgrading to an AMD system, and the new threadrippers would really fit my load.
> During the merge window (like now), I spend a fair amount of time double-checking
> my merges by doing builds before pushing out, and my old i7-6700K is showing
> its age, with the kernel having grown, and meltdown slowing things down.
> My main worry is noise. I'm not sure I want to deal with the blower required for a 180W+ CPU.
> Linus

I have The 1700 with the boxed Wraith RGB Spire cooler and it is silent. The threadripper has a Wraithripper tower HSF unit that is fairly silent and mounts with 4 screws through the top of the HSF. In tests at Phoronix, it cools quite well even with 64 threads banging away. On my older Phenom II X6, the venerable CM Hyper 212+, I changed its sleeve based fan for a rubberized "QUIET" dual row ball bearing fan which has inaudible noise while still having more airflow and cooler than the stock fan. Even the attach points have rubber grommet sleeves to further reduce noise. I have to look to see if it is running. Its that quiet. You could look at the cooler review at Phoronix for some ideas.

2990WX cooler review.

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