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By: David Hess (, August 18, 2018 1:43 pm
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Alberto ( on August 14, 2018 12:57 am wrote:
> Likely because there are known limits at the amount of heat that a semi-passive cooling solution can dissipate
> from a single socket. Dividing the heat on two or more sockets the OEMs have an more easy life to think about
> an efficient semi-passive cooling via copper heatsink under a moderate air flux inside a tiny server box.

The power/area of the chip itself is the primary limitation when heat pipes or liquid cooling is used and heat pipes are ubiquitous now.

Heat pipes have their own power/area limit above which nucleation causes an increase in thermal resistance which is why a heat spreader must be used between the CPU and heat pipes. Otherwise there would be considerable advantage to including a heat pipe based heat spreader as part of the CPU package but this is only done in lower power space limited designs.

> You can follow IBM with some exotic solutions but this is not absolutely the case. Over 200W/socket the
> heat dissipation become very serious to manage in actual popular server boxes. Finer the process utilized
> the thing become even worse cause the stellar power density on die, and Fins do not help at all.
> My bet the shrink game will be stopped mainly by power density rather than by yields issues.

I think this happened many generations ago. The highest performance servers do a little better than desktops and workstations because they can afford cooling solutions which are more exotic than heat pipes.
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