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By: dmcq (, September 21, 2018 2:58 am
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Michael S ( on September 21, 2018 3:30 am wrote:
> dmcq ( on September 21, 2018 2:33 am wrote:
> > ( on September 21, 2018 12:32 am wrote:
> > > There seem to be some rumors of an EPIC chip with 64 cores in an MCM plus an IO chiplet / Uncore
> > > Intel is also rumored to pursuit multiple xeon chips in the same package
> > > Is something like an IBM AXON plausible for AMD, DMI for buffered memory access, perhaps PCIev4?
> > > Huge sockets like EPIC’s might be able to accommodate more chiplets than we have ever seen before
> > > There could also be space for some GPU/Tensor/Whatever accelerators
> > > What would be the barriers for such an architecture? What are
> > > your thoughts? Is it an unavoidable future for server chips?
> >
> > PCBs turn the connections between components into transmission problems.
> Do you mean "into transmission line" ?

Yes transmission line problems.

> > What's not to like about
> > something that significantly reduces such delays and energy losses and besides let one put the
> > wires much closer to each other so it could all be a lot smaller?
> Not sure what you mean.
> What not to like about PCB enclosed in package, like EPYC?
> Or what not to like about regular silicon interposers?
> Or what not to like about EMIB-style interposers?

I did not specify because the writer did not specify. All of them improve greatly on using a PCB.

> Not to like relatively to what?
> Relatively to one huge die?
> Or relatively to traditional non-MCM multichip PCB?

The idea of using technologies other than PCBs to ease the problems with passing signals around.

> > If only it could be made cheaper
> > it would be much more common, unfortunately obvious solutions like making the board from silicon
> > straightaway means you're more than doubling the number of wafers used. But I think people in
> > the future can kiss goodbye to the idea of memory sockets in their computers.
> >
> Depends on size and function (general-purposeness) of "computer".

What kind of situation are you thinking of where one would not want to keep some memory beside each processor? How many people actually want to change the amount of memory in a computer after it is bought? It should be possible for a combination of chips to be used by a third party just like for PCBs nowadays.
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