Apple wins (for now?) against Moshovos patent

By: Maynard Handley (, September 28, 2018 11:04 pm
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The US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC ruled that "no reasonable juror" could have determined Apple infringed on the patent given evidence in the liability phase of the trial.

Unclear what to make of that. Prima facie it means that Apple did their load-store aliasing prediction in a way very different from the Moshovos patent, but when you're in legal-land who knows? Maybe it means that UWisc have no damn clue how Apple does things, sued as a fishing expedition, and all Apple had to do was say "you have no idea what we do, so no reasonable grounds to claim it HAS to match your patent"?

My one experience with actually being part of a patent suit (as opposed to just filing for them) has certainly left me with very little respect for the way in which original (or not) ideas are translated into legal realities, so I'm quite willing to accept that UWisc substantially overstepped here. I think I said so at the time, that it was hard to see why Apple would NOT license the patent if they were doing something that matched it given how litigious UWisc has been about this.

Oh well. I expect this is the end of the story. Seems unlikely this can be taken further. But soon enough we can all scream and shout about Apple+Intel vs QC, which will certain create some unusual allies on the internet...
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Apple wins (for now?) against Moshovos patentMaynard Handley2018/09/28 11:04 PM
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