Apple A12 SPEC2006

By: VertexMaster (, October 5, 2018 7:08 am
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Really nice work by Andrei Frumusanu, seems like a big effort!

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Apple A12 SPEC2006VertexMaster2018/10/05 07:08 AM
  Great, but would be greater with Kirin (NT)Michael S2018/10/05 07:20 AM
    Great, but would be greater with KirinAndrei Frumusanu2018/10/05 07:23 AM
      Great, but would be greater with KirinMichael S2018/10/05 07:48 AM
        Great, but would be greater with KirinAlberto2018/10/07 04:25 AM
  Apple A12 SPEC2006Doug S2018/10/05 12:34 PM
    Apple A12 SPEC2006Andrei Frumusanu2018/10/05 12:53 PM
      Apple A12 SPEC2006nono2018/10/05 07:22 PM
        Apple A12 SPEC2006Andrei Frumusanu2018/10/06 12:24 AM
          Apple A12 SPEC2006nono2018/10/06 02:55 AM
          Apple A12 SPEC2006Maynard Handley2018/10/06 09:32 AM
  PWM in OLED displayDoug S2018/10/05 10:55 PM
    PWM in OLED displaydmcq2018/10/06 02:34 AM
  Apple A12 SPEC2006Doug S2018/10/12 10:36 AM
    Apple A12 SPEC2006Maynard Handley2018/10/12 04:07 PM
      Apple A12 SPEC2006someone2018/10/13 12:41 AM
      Multimode GB scoresAM2018/10/14 09:26 AM
        Multimode GB scoresMaynard Handley2018/10/14 10:01 AM
          Multimode GB scoresAM2018/10/16 10:00 AM
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