MRAM at VLSI 2018

Article: MRAM Research at VLSI 2018
By: David Kanter (, November 19, 2018 2:40 pm
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Here's my second quick article from VLSI 2018. My first article focused on machine learning accelerators, while this second article is on emerging memories - specifically MRAM.

At VLSI 2018, researchers from TDK and TSMC described advances in Magneto-resistive memory (MRAM). TDK focused on new materials to improve writing for low-voltage MRAM cells at small geometries. A team from TSMC showcased circuit techniques to improve read performance of MRAM arrays despite process variability and a small read window.

While MRAM is in production with Everspin, there is still a huge amount of research around the basics. I hope to write an additional article about MRAM in the future, since there are so many idiosyncracies around new memories.

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