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By: Travis Downs (, December 13, 2018 8:50 am
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Jeff S. ( on December 13, 2018 8:33 am wrote:
> Travis Downs ( on December 13, 2018 7:42 am wrote:
> > No, you are right, it's 48 KiB.
> > Interesting that they are moving to a non-power of two size. If we assume it's still
> > indexed in a straightforward manner I guess this also eliminate of all sorts of power-of-two
> > conflicts that occured when lines are accessed with some 2^n stride.
> Yeah, I think modulo 4 kiB (64 sets of 64B lines) virtual indexing in an extremely safe bet. Making
> 8->12 way set CAMs seems drastically more straightforward to me than wrapping lines modulo 6 kiB.
> The latter feels borderline intractable given the need to sanely handle doubly-mapped physical
> pages, which would no longer be constrained to individual sets. (and you can't really kick the
> can to the general architecture and declare pages are all now 6 kiB or whatever)

You should ignore it, it was a brief moment of nonsense where I thought you'd need both 12-way and 96 sets for a 48 KiB VIPT cache. Of course not: it will just be 12-way (perhaps with some "pseudo" in front now to simplify the CAM as you point out).

> I don't really follow your point about maintaining VI eliminating 2^n B stride aliasing though. Anything
> with a virtual stride of 2^(12 + x) bytes should still hit the same set, regardless of way count,
> right? There is no intrinsic page coloring constraint I see here that would make L2/L3 (with typically
> 32 or 64 kiB wide ways and hence physical stride aliasing) do anything differently.

Note that was the nonsense world where I thought you needed 96 sets, i.e., "modulo 6 KiB" mapping. In that case you have a "mod 3" in the indexing so while it doesn't eliminate aliasing it reduces the effect by 3 by spreading out power-of-two strides out over 3 more sets. So things with a virtual stride of 2^(12 + x) can live in 12 * 3 = 36 ways before they overflow.

Of course that was all in my nonsense world so it doesn't matter.

> And some further architectural speculation:
> Both Zen and some of IBM's newer chips are moving to u-tagged L1D, which trades a minor hit rate penalty in exchange
> for drastically reducing CAM power and complexity. I would have guessed that AMD would have been the first to
> go with >32 kiB L1Ds since that architecture is inherently friendlier to (relatively) cheaply adding ways to
> sets. Intel going to 48 kiB makes me strongly suspect they've moved to the same approach, especially since Sunny
> Cove sounds like it will be in chip segments all the way down to mobile, and there was no mention of "up to 48
> kiB L1D", and doing ever-wider traditional VIPT CAMs doesn't feel amenable to super low power.

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