Cascade lake questions?

By: David Kanter (, April 1, 2019 10:53 am
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I'll be at Intel's cascade lake launch tomorrow. Does anyone have any topics/questions they'd like for me to inquire about?

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Cascade lake questions?David Kanter2019/04/01 10:53 AM
  Cascade lake questions?Robert Williams2019/04/01 02:17 PM
    Do you mean, the 2nd AVX512 FMA unit? (NT)Michael S2019/04/01 02:26 PM
      Do you mean, the 2nd AVX512 FMA unit?Robert Williams2019/04/01 02:33 PM
    Cascade lake questions?-.-2019/04/01 03:48 PM
      Cascade lake questions?Eric Bron2019/04/01 10:18 PM
        Are there any material differences? (NT)Michael S2019/04/02 12:42 AM
        Cascade lake questions?Robert Williams2019/04/02 07:20 AM
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