Tech side of Intel's 5G exit

By: AM (, April 18, 2019 8:35 am
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No doubt, Intel's 5G exit involves politics and money, but not because the tech side didn't matter. For lack of good technology-wise coverage of the subject including Charlie's last article (at least the public part, since I don't subscribe), anyone who wants tech details, check out this self-published piece (I posted it at RWT too, but Google doesn't see it for some reason) -- it both broke the news of Apple's 5G design project (but went entirely unnoticed), and looked at the tech side of this issue at depth unmatched by anyone ever since (but in case anyone spotted something well worth reading, then let me know, I'd *love* to check it out!).

And, by the way, while I was somewhat hesitant about my Intel's faked-demo theory at the time of writing, it's good time to look at it once again given Intel's move and especially what they had to show at this year's MWC.
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