Expiry of x86-64 patents

By: wumpus (lost.delete@this.in.a.cave), April 20, 2019 8:32 am
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Groo (charlie.delete@this.semiaccurate.com) on April 20, 2019 7:29 am wrote:
> anyone (any-dont.delete@this.me.com) on April 20, 2019 7:11 am wrote:
> > AMD didn't patent the x86-64 instruction set, but there are x86-related patents. x86 patents
> > are not on the instruction set, which may be copyrighted for the specific mnemonics and
> > names used for various features, but for implementation techniques. Unfortunately, patents
> > are often overly broad or obvious, so even a clean reverse engineering attempt may fall
> > afoul of many circuit implementation or even software emulation technique patents.
> >
> > Transmeta was the last successful non-licensee to battle Intel over x86 patents
> > because Transmeta had built up a powerful defensive patent portfolio.
> >
> > See: https://jolt.law.harvard.edu/digest/intel-and-the-x86-architecture-a-legal-perspective
> Based on what I have researched, mainly talking to some key people involved, I don't
> think Transmeta would have prevailed in the next round of legal battles that were
> about to be filed. Not sure I can say more but the fight was not completed.
> -Charlie

Cyrix won every legal battle with Intel, but I've heard the claim that they spend 9 dollars on lawyers for every one dollar on engineering. When fighting something the size of Intel, having the law on your side isn't enough.
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