Microsoft goes deterministic

By: Maynard Handley (, April 20, 2019 11:10 am
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Robert Williams ( on April 19, 2019 1:21 pm wrote:
> Express Logic acquisition
> I'm actually kind of interested to see how this affects their product stack.

There's a bizarre lack of thought here regarding the total business plan. I don't know if MS et al are doing background negotiations or what. BUT
today, as far as I can tell, the cheapest way I can get a cellular IoT connection is through an additional Ting line, and that will cost me $6/month per device. That's $72 a year. And that's for a device that's using a physical SIM, the carriers apparently will still not allow the MVNOs like Ting to use eSIMs.

So $72/year/device. Quite a bit more with a non-MVNO. And yet consultants are rhapsodizing about billions of these devices, ie multiple per person in the US. I don't see it.
In the home, where they can leach off WiFi, sure. But outside the home (so wearables, portables, car, sports/hiking equipment, ...) to me it looks like this market will remain still-born until someone throttles the existing carrier business model. And I don't see that on the immediate horizon.

Fi seems to have throttled back its ambitions. MS and Apple seem uninterested in getting into the MVNO business. The particular circumstances that allowed Apple to force a (let's not forget, extraordinarily beneficial agreement for the ENTIRE industry) by strong-arming Cingular no longer seem to exist?
MAYBE Apple could force an equivalent sort of deal with Sprint, but Apple is not really the issue. An Apple deal might get a better arrangement for the eSIMs in Apple Watches and iPads, but it doesn't solve the real issue, all those other IoT devices, and all the business models that can't be born because they would rely on a low-bandwidth and very cheap cellular connection...
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