Microsoft goes deterministic

By: Simon Farnsworth (, April 20, 2019 11:53 am
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Maynard Handley ( on April 20, 2019 11:10 am wrote:
> Robert Williams ( on April 19, 2019 1:21 pm wrote:
> > Express Logic acquisition
> >
> > I'm actually kind of interested to see how this affects their product stack.
> There's a bizarre lack of thought here regarding the total business plan.
> I don't know if MS et al are doing background negotiations or what. BUT
> today, as far as I can tell, the cheapest way I can get a cellular IoT connection is through an additional
> Ting line, and that will cost me $6/month per device. That's $72 a year. And that's for a device that's
> using a physical SIM, the carriers apparently will still not allow the MVNOs like Ting to use eSIMs.
> So $72/year/device. Quite a bit more with a non-MVNO. And yet consultants are rhapsodizing
> about billions of these devices, ie multiple per person in the US. I don't see it.
> In the home, where they can leach off WiFi, sure. But outside the home (so wearables, portables, car,
> sports/hiking equipment, ...) to me it looks like this market will remain still-born until someone
> throttles the existing carrier business model. And I don't see that on the immediate horizon.
> Fi seems to have throttled back its ambitions. MS and Apple seem uninterested in getting into the MVNO
> business. The particular circumstances that allowed Apple to force a (let's not forget, extraordinarily
> beneficial agreement for the ENTIRE industry) by strong-arming Cingular no longer seem to exist?
> MAYBE Apple could force an equivalent sort of deal with Sprint, but Apple is not really the issue.
> An Apple deal might get a better arrangement for the eSIMs in Apple Watches and iPads, but it doesn't
> solve the real issue, all those other IoT devices, and all the business models that can't be born
> because they would rely on a low-bandwidth and very cheap cellular connection...

You're looking in the wrong places for IoT SIMs - while most M2M SIM providers keep exact pricing confidential, you're talking much larger numbers than Things Mobile quote for a global roaming SIM, and Things Mobile are not the cheapest I'm aware of by a long shot.

But, using Things Mobile's numbers, a SIM is free with €10 of service credit top-up, or €2.50 if you want a SIM without commitment. Every month, you either need to not use the SIM for mobile data, or you pay for at least 2 MB of data (at rates of €0.10/MB in the USA/Canada/EU/Japan/China/Russia, €0.20/MB in India/South Africa, going up to €0.50/MB for Brazil). SMS costs you €0.02 to send to your SIM from their portal, and €0.10 when sent from their SIM.

Realistically, therefore, at current exchange rates, $3 gets you an IoT SIM for use globally, and your SIM costs you $0.25/month to keep alive and in use, going us as you use more data. If you're expecting to be at this for a while (or using more than a mimimum of data), you prepay around $12 towards future usage, and get the SIM for free.
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