because per-core perf has stagnated

By: chester lam (, May 17, 2019 1:55 pm
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> Some people did stop at dual core Athlons from a decade ago. Some people do things that need CPU power,
> but most people buy faster PCs because they need a new PC, and they what is for sale at the time.

Again, that's the case now because per-core CPU performance has been stagnant for the past four years. Going back even further, improvements in per-core CPU perf have really tapered off after Sandy Bridge launched in early 2011.

Buying a faster PC for its performance isn't worth it when faster is like 10% faster.

> It is like 4K TVs, tons of people are buying 4K TVs but there is very little demand for 4K content out
> there - almost everything being watched on 4K TVs is HD or even SD. People mostly are buying because
> they want a new TV to go bigger or because their old TV crapped out. Beyond a certain size you can't
> get HDTVs anymore, so you will get a 4K TV whether you need it or not. But looking the meteoric rise
> in sales of 4K TVs over the last couple years and inferring a huge demand for "4K" would be a mistake.

The comparison with 4K TVs doesn't make sense.
4K TVs: significantly more resolution is available, but there's not much content for it, and/or people don't have the internet bandwidth to stream it
CPUs: significantly more per-core perf is not available if you have anything later than Sandy Bridge

In contrast, there are plenty of tasks that'll benefit from more per-core CPU power. Let's start with gaming - can we agree at least gaming is a pretty big market? If we get a much better desktop CPU, I bet there will be a ton of people upgrading from Sandy Bridge.
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