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By: Adrian (, May 28, 2019 1:23 am
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I assume that the Intel slide deck about Ice Lake U & Sunny Cove will appear now on many sites.

I have seen it at:

Notable claims: +18% IPC versus Skylake (mix of benchmarks, including SPEC)

While one side mentions a 4.1 GHz top speed, the laptops announced by Dell, HP et al. use 15 W CPUs, where the i7 tops at 3.9 GHz.

There are extra microarchitecture details, e.g. the size of the larger caches.

What puzzles me is the claim that the single thread performance @ 15 W is a few percent larger than for Whiskey Lake.

If we take an older Whiskey Lake i7 @ 4.6 GHz, then 4.6 GHz / 3.9 GHz = 1.179 approximately equal to 1.18.

If we take a newer Whiskey Lake i7 @ 4.8 GHz, then 4.8 GHz / 4.1 GHz = 1.17.

Supposing that the +18% IPC claim is true, the Intel performance chart must compare a 4.1 GHz Ice Lake U with a 4.6 GHz Whiskey Lake U, where 4.1 * 1.18 / 4.6 = 1.052.

Because the announced laptops use up to a 3.9 GHz Ice Lake i7, I assume that like for Whiskey Lake U, there will be two i7 models, one @ 3.9 GHz and one @ 4.1 GHz. I expect that the 4.1 GHz will be launched only later and it will not be easy to obtain, but it was announced here just to allow claiming a 5% single-thread performance increase over Whiskey Lake, even if even this claim is true only against the Whiskey Lake models available at launch, in August 2018, not against the Whiskey Lake models available now.

So, if the Intel IPC claim is true, Ice Lake U should offer about the same CPU performance as Whiskey Lake U, but at a lower clock frequency.

It is likely that for most people, who do not run special AVX-512 applications, the main advantage of Ice Lake U will not be the CPU, but the much better GPU, compared to the current U processors.

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