Ice Lake die size

By: AM (, May 31, 2019 10:59 am
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I measured up Ice Lake which turned out to be 11.78 x 10.96 = 129 mm² for physical die dimensions (assuming Intel uses modern tools).

However, when measuring the chip using this photo, I'm getting 11.54 x 10.95.

For such resolution measurement error is about 0.05 mm, and apparent disagreement for one dimension, whereas there is excellent correspondence for the other, bugs me a bit.

Anyone else noticed that or at least sized up the chip as well? Post your own measurement results and thoughts on this strange discrepancy (different steppings?).
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Ice Lake die sizeAM2019/05/31 10:59 AM
  I am getting 124 mm2 (NT)noone2019/05/31 11:34 AM
    What did you use? What are your side dims? (NT)AM2019/05/31 11:37 AM
  Ice Lake die sizetwr2019/05/31 11:58 AM
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