POWER9 instruction latency

By: Travis Downs (travis.downs.delete@this.gmail.com), June 5, 2019 8:23 am
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I recently ported uarch-bench to POWER (well really just made it portable) to test the store throughput, but first came across something weird.

To calculate CPU frequency in a portable way, I use a series of dependent add instructions, since pretty much every modern CPU executes add in a single cycle, right?

Well I was getting exactly half the expected speed from this calibration, and best as I can tell, POWER9 executes back-to-back adds with a latency of two cycles.

That is, this loop:

cc0: addi r3,r3,-1
cc4: addi r3,r3,-1
cc8: addi r3,r3,-1
ccc: addic. r3,r3,-1
cd0: bne cc0

Takes 8 cycles. It doesn't matter if you unroll it more or less: it takes 2 cycles per addi - so it's not an effect of the branch. It's no "about 2 cycles", it's "exactly two cycles", i.e., the measurement is very repeatable.

So does POWER9 really have a minimum latency of 2 cycles for any ALU instruction? There is a chance other integer instructions have a latency of one cycle, and addi is just lower, but it seems extremely unlikely: it has to be among the most common ALU ops and there is nothing that should make it slow.

Isn't a two-cycle latency going to be devastating to a lot of code, especially when compiled without that expectation? I guess POWER9 is really all-in on SMT then, at the cost of ST performance?
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