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By: Travis Downs (, June 17, 2019 8:18 am
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Linus Torvalds ( on June 8, 2019 11:43 am wrote:
> ... honestly, you aren't supposed to do mmap if you then just touch all the pages once.
> What would be the point?
> It so happens that CPU security bugs kind of screwed with us lately, and made it much more expensive
> to do page faults, but it's also the case that the benchmark that Travis pointed at is exactly
> what you should not use mmap for - if you only touch things once, what are you doing?

Indeed, touching once is almost never a valid use case. The actual case is often touching it twice: once to write it, and then once to read it. And yes, it's not one byte per page but usually the entire page.

Think of a short lived process that allocates a huge buffer, transcodes/compresses/sorts/whatever something into that buffer, then writes it out.

Even with Spectre and friends, this is still fairly fast taking a fault on every page: I measure a bit over 1,400 ns per page. It corresponds to ~2.8 GB/s when just faulting in pages. Most transcoding/compression/whatever runs at much less than 2.8 GB/s so this usually doesn't matter. However I have some stuff that does more than that, so in that case 2.8 GB/s matters. Before Meltdown the "fault in" speed limit used to be closer to 10 GB/s, so I guess the fault time used to be closer to 400 ns. That is roughly consistent, if a bit slower, with syscall slowdown I observed after spec + melt.

In any case, madvise(MADV_HUGEPAGE) is the way to go when I can do it: the implied speed of fault in is over 300 GB/s then (probably the true speed is even higher, at this point even touching one byte per 4k page adds to the cost)!

Just to anticipate the complaint: yes, the application can often be written to be smarter: allocating a smaller buffer and periodically flushing it out has benefits, only one of which is the need to fault in many fewer pages.
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