Relative ARM core performance

By: anonymous2 (, June 24, 2019 9:21 am
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Raspberry Pi 4 was announced today, it claims ~3x performance of previous models. The text actually says between two and four times.

Is the A72 really that much faster than A53?

I couldn't find a reference of benchmarks comparing the relative performance of many kids of ARM cores, does anyone know of such a thing? I was hoping for a chart showing the different cores and roughly the same frequency.
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        your widths are meaningless numbersAdrian2019/06/25 06:08 AM
          Relative ARM core performancejuanrga2019/06/25 10:46 AM
            You are confusing A57 with A72.Heikki Kultala2019/06/26 05:59 AM
              Whoops you are not confusing, there were both (NT)Heikki Kultala2019/06/26 06:00 AM
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