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By: AMD joins CXL (, July 19, 2019 7:50 am
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Today, AMD announced that it has joined the consortium. While that is still short of saying that AMD supports CXL in its products or will do so in the PCIe Gen5 products, it does lend a lot of credence to the notion that the industry is headed that way.

AMD has its foot in the door of every peripheral cache coherent standard plus their own Infinity Fabric. With regards to CXL in particular, I see AMD not wanting to fragment the x86 landscape as that has ramifications for both them and Intel. Overall, I see this as a good thing for the x86 market and consumers.

AMD's role in Gen-Z is to keep the likes of Dell and HPE happy for a chassis-to-chassis protocol. I do see AMD delivering on this in some fashion as an actual product given the drive of those primary vendors. A bit of speculation on my part but I would imagine AMD incorporating Gen-Z support as another chiplet die for inclusion in specific Epyc models. This would be similar to what Intel has done with Sky Lake-SP and KNL with Omnipath options, just cache coherent in AMD's case.

With regards to AMD's presence in the CCIX consortium, I would image that it is for semi-custom work. One observation I have is AMD's recently announced collaboration with Samsung. AMD's presence in CCIX makes more sense in that collaborative context: AMD is ensuring that the Radeon IP block that Samsung, who is also a CCIX member, plays nice with that protocol. With ARM backing CCIX, it is hard to ignore as it'll be spread various ARM server systems and select embedded applications. However, I do struggle to fathom a part AMD would release that has CCIX exclusively in lieu of another protocol (that is not say that they wouldn't support it if it was easy in conjunction say OpenCAPI).

OpenCAPI was first to market with IBM's POWER line up and there are a handful of OpenCAPI devices on the market already. AMD was also an early OpenCAPI member but has not leveraged it in any product to date. We may get a surprise with Rome but I wouldn't bet on it. When OpenCAPI was announced, AMD was just getting into the semi-custom market so that paradigm would not have had the same weight as it does today. I can see why AMD joined OpenCAPI in the past as PCIe 4.0 still several years away and not coherent but the future is now, PCIe 4.0 is here and there are other cache coherent protocols. So what is AMD still doing inside of this particular consortium?

In addition to all these protocols, AMD still has their own cache coherent protocol for their CPUs and GPUs. Infinity Fabric is of course used in their Epyc systems and on the GPU side too with Apple's new Mac Pro. While I would not expect AMD to drop Infinity Fabric, what changes to Infinity Fabric would be necessary to work with AMD's existing schema?
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