What do we expect from A13?

By: Doug S (foo.delete@this.bar.bar), July 31, 2019 9:44 am
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Curious what sort of performance uplift people are expecting to see from A13? The last few years there have been 'leaks' of Apple SoC Geekbench runs on pre-release hardware, AFAIK that hasn't happened this year so there are no rumors to fall back on.

TSMC has formally announced their N7P "performance-enhanced" process that all the rumor mills are saying Apple is using for the A13. 7% performance increase with no shrink, so not getting much for free this time around. At least it uses the same design rules as last year's N7, so it makes the designer's job a little easier.

Given that A12 was relatively small for an Apple SoC they have room to grow if they want. Since the GPU is not dominant versus the 'competition' in all benchmarks like the CPU it may be targeted for bigger things in A13 and gain area. Apple is still new to the GPU design as compared to CPU design, so they may have more room to "improve their game" on the power efficiency side where improvements would be necessary to use more transistors for a performance uplift without overly taxing the battery. There's also the wildcard of LPDDR5, if Apple goes with that (which would probably require buying from Samsung, Micron's LPDDR5 isn't ready in time) they'd get a big boost for bandwidth constrained GPU tasks.

The A12 does about 4800 in Geekbench. If you give them 7% for process and 7% from IPC improvements from design tweaking and additional resources at a few choke points, they'd get around 5400. They won't quite get 7+7=14% because the 7% clock rate gain from process, as with any clock rate increase, won't give them all 7% in actual performance. If they followed Intel's tick/tock strategy, this would be time for a tock, which would imply bigger changes as compared to next year. They will probably be more conservative with core changes next year since TSMC's N5 uses EUV for the first time for an Apple SoC.
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