Intel AVX-512 dev box

By: someone (, September 12, 2019 1:42 am
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Mr. Camel ( on September 11, 2019 3:14 pm wrote:
> Mr. Camel ( on August 13, 2019 12:30 pm wrote:
> > For software developers who are writing code to leverage new x64 instructions sets such as AVX512,
> > does anyone know if Intel can load development boxes with hardware support for the aforementioned
> > instruction sets to these developers to help them performance test their code?
> >
> > You obviously cannot performance test your code in a software emulator.
> >
> > I searched the Intel website and found no useful information on this.
> >
> I just bought the Dell laptop because I needed a physical
> machine to test the AVX512 workloads that I created.
> For those who care, the performance uplift over AVX2 was largely in line with expectations - 2-2.5X faster.
> The 2.5X uplift was due to fact that I leveraged some of the 8 opmask registers
> to reduce the number of necessary AVX512 instructions in the loop.
> There is one peculiar thing about this laptop that I hope someone could help me understand.
> When you setup (or modify) a Windows 10 power plan, you are presented
> with a list of parameters to tweak in the advanced settings dialog.
> In this laptop, many of these options are missing:
> USB settings
> Intel graphics settings
> PCI express
> Processor power management
> Multimedia settings
> Perhaps I missed a few.
> Why is that?
> Also, when I tried to enable Ultimate Performance mode, it failed (it worked on my Kaby
> Lake Windows 10 laptop at work - that laptop has the missing options listed above).
> I obviously want to maximize the performance of this laptop since I am doing
> performance testing but it feels like I am missing something that is preventing
> me from extracting the maximum possible performance from the hardware.

Have you tried disabling Connected Standby?
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