By: Maynard Handley (, August 16, 2019 1:14 pm
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Am I correct that this is basically competing in the same space as Optane? Or is there some significant way in which they are different?
And do we know anything about how they compare along the usual axes (performance, power, cost, capacity, ...)?
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Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/16 01:14 PM
  Gen Z DIMMsWes Felter2019/08/16 05:59 PM
    Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/16 06:55 PM
      Gen Z DIMMsEtienne Lehnart2019/08/16 10:21 PM
        Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/17 02:53 PM
          Gen Z DIMMsEtienne Lehnart2019/08/17 11:03 PM
          Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 04:31 AM
      Gen Z DIMMsWes Felter2019/08/16 10:37 PM
        Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/17 02:58 PM
          Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 04:52 AM
            Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/19 08:13 AM
              Gen Z DIMMsSimon Farnsworth2019/08/19 11:18 AM
                Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/19 08:11 PM
                  Gen Z DIMMsSimon Farnsworth2019/08/20 02:19 AM
              Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 03:03 PM
                Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/19 08:16 PM
                  Gen Z DIMMsEtienne Lehnart2019/08/20 12:00 AM
            Gen Z DIMMsAnon2019/08/19 08:49 AM
              Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 02:14 PM
        Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 04:46 AM
          Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/19 08:21 AM
            Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/19 02:24 PM
              Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/19 08:28 PM
                Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/20 07:11 AM
                  Gen Z DIMMsMichael S2019/08/20 07:44 AM
                  Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/20 08:43 AM
                    Gen Z DIMMsSimon Farnsworth2019/08/20 09:45 AM
                    Gen Z DIMMsMaynard Handley2019/08/21 07:36 AM
                      OMIMichael S2019/08/21 08:29 AM
                        OMIAdrian2019/08/21 11:29 AM
                      Gen Z DIMMsaaron spink2019/08/21 10:58 AM
                      Gen Z DIMMsEtienne2019/08/22 01:27 AM
                  Memory latency over PCIeAnon2019/08/20 04:25 PM
                    Memory latency over PCIeWes Felter2019/08/20 08:42 PM
                      Memory latency over PCIeMichael S2019/08/21 03:32 AM
                      Memory latency over PCIeAnon2019/08/21 05:01 AM
                        Memory latency over PCIeMichael S2019/08/21 06:14 AM
                        Memory latency over PCIeRicardo B2019/08/21 06:22 PM
                        Memory latency over PCIeaaron spink2019/08/21 06:40 PM
                          Memory latency over PCIeEtienne2019/08/22 01:11 AM
  Gen Z DIMMsRicardo B2019/08/17 09:20 AM
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