TB on ice lake die

By: Mr. Camel (rohit.santhanam.delete@this.live.com), September 8, 2019 8:02 am
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There are some who think that Intel’s decision to integrate Thunderbolt on the ice lake die was a stupid idea.

Can soneone explain why?
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TB on ice lake dieMr. Camel2019/09/08 08:02 AM
  TB on ice lake dieAdrian2019/09/08 09:40 AM
    TB on ice lake dieKevin G2019/09/09 09:45 AM
  10 nm's Crappy Yieldme2019/09/08 12:36 PM
    10 nm's Crappy YieldJames2019/09/08 03:47 PM
      10 nm's Crappy YieldKevin G2019/09/09 09:48 AM
    SERDES?useruser2019/09/08 09:14 PM
  it was a bad decision, it ended up being okay.blue2019/09/10 12:22 PM
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