Scoring the rumors:

By: Maynard Handley (, September 10, 2019 12:53 pm
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Apple says
- AMX is real, and it's "on the CPU" (as opposed to separate like NPU).
- speeds up matrix multiplication by 6x
- talked about in the context of machine learning acceleration
- allows 1 TOPS

My synthesis would be that the goal is to move some training onto the device. (The old NPU was 5 TOPS, so presumably is still superior for inference. The NPU TOP is, I think, pretty clearly a byte, unclear what the AMX TOP is, presumably if training it's a half float or bfloat.)

Still unresolved:
- user accessible as INSTRUCTIONS?
- user accessible via Accelerate?
- or ONLY accessible via the Apple ML APIs?
- only on the large core (or weaker version on small core, or traps up to large core)?


A13 is 20% faster (cf GB leak of 13%).
- It IS possible that their 20% faster (whatever pool of benchmarks they are using) uses newer compiler than GB5 (small improvments) AND routes a reasonable fraction of FP code to AMX, and that accounts for the discrepancy?
- IF we take the numbers at face value and extrapolate wildly
-- current iPadX GB5 is ~1100
-- current fastest single core Mac (most recent iMac, i9 9900K) is ~1260


The usual other speedups: small core 20%, GPU 20%, NPU 15%.
BUT everything pretty much reduced in power by 40%...
Much of this is apparently due to architecture/design (hundreds of voltage domains, hundreds of thousands of clock gates) but whatever version of TSMC 7nm transistors are being used, they're certainly doing OK!

8.5B transistors (23% more than A12) but, unsurprisingly!, no area given).

Lots of camera stuff, but that's not really an RWT thing (except the ongoing march of computational photography, much of it using NPU).


Nothing interesting mentioned re cellular.
Has "WiFi" but did not say anywhere "WiFi 6" or ax. Apple (I keep hoping...) RF solution is not ready, and existing BC WiFi6 chip is not worth the performance/power tradeoff?


Presumably they feel aWatch CPU is now fast enough that the SoC is not worth talking about. (I'd agree with that assessment, even Watch4 is fast enough now, until people start thinking of more demanding on-watch tasks.)

So Watch is a very minor upgrade on the inside.
Slightly better health sensor; the only really novel change is a digital camera.
It's quite possible they're using last year's SoC, or that very slightly tweaked; just with a few different parts in the SiP

What is new is the outside: New materials, but apparently a screen low enough power that it can now be always on.


And of course the most interesting thing of all: you can now get the highest end iPhone in Green!!!!!
(Which is actually very pretty! I hope it's still there next year when I upgrade; even though my case will hide most of it)


Not mentioned:

- anything to do with Apple Tiles (and the supposed very accurate location provided by UWB)
- any sort of reverse charging
- 3rd gen AirPods (presumably these will have noise cancellation; that's the big thing everyone wants)
- new Apple TV (supposedly with A12 SoC)

There's certainly scope here for a second event in October or November bundling all those together (perhaps with updated iPad Pro)? Especially if some of the delays are SW only and the SW is ready by then.
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