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By: John (, October 24, 2019 11:52 am
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Apparently Intel presented the Tremont architecture.

It's intriguing how different the Tremont front end is to Ice Lake. What's driving such radically different design choices?
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Tremont detailsJohn2019/10/24 11:52 AM
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        This is what Lakefield isBrett2019/10/25 12:34 AM
        I still hope that Lakefield wouldn't happenMichael S2019/10/25 02:07 AM
          I still hope that Lakefield wouldn't happensomone2019/10/25 02:49 AM
          I still hope that Lakefield wouldn't happenme2019/10/25 05:36 AM
          Wanted to add...me2019/10/26 11:38 AM
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                  Tremont detailsanon2019/10/28 03:43 AM
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                                Tremont detailsChester2019/10/30 04:37 PM
                                  Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/30 07:20 PM
                              Tremont detailsanon2019/10/30 05:46 PM
                                Tremont detailsdmcq2019/10/31 08:56 AM
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                                        Tremont detailsanon2019/11/01 03:19 AM
                                          Tremont detailsAdrian2019/11/01 08:23 AM
                                            Tremont detailsanon2019/11/01 09:14 AM
                                              Tremont detailsdmcq2019/11/01 01:48 PM
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                        Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/30 11:11 AM
                          Tremont detailsChester2019/10/30 01:20 PM
                            Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/30 01:41 PM
                              Tredmont detailsanon.12019/10/31 07:08 AM
                                Tredmont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/31 06:53 PM
                            Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/31 09:39 AM
                              Tremont detailsAdrian2019/10/31 11:11 AM
                                Tremont detailsAdrian2019/10/31 11:25 AM
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                                Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/31 01:25 PM
                                  Tremont detailsAdrian2019/10/31 02:03 PM
                                  Tremont detailsanonymous22019/10/31 04:55 PM
                                    Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/31 05:35 PM
                                  Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/01 08:34 PM
                                    Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/11/01 09:23 PM
                                      Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/01 09:38 PM
                                        Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/11/01 10:47 PM
                                          Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/02 08:17 AM
                                            Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/11/02 09:39 AM
                                              Tremont detailsAdrian2019/11/02 10:07 AM
                                                Tremont detailsanon2019/11/02 10:39 AM
                                              Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/02 10:33 AM
                                                Tremont detailsChester2019/11/03 11:33 AM
                              Tremont detailsjames2019/11/01 06:14 AM
                          Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/30 01:39 PM
                  Tremont detailsChester2019/10/30 01:16 PM
                    Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/30 02:17 PM
                      The AMD ambiguity is about rename, there are definitely only 4 decoders. (NT)anon2019/10/30 02:39 PM
                        The AMD ambiguity is about rename, there are definitely only 4 decoders.Travis Downs2019/10/30 04:00 PM
                      Tremont detailsChester2019/10/30 04:27 PM
                      Tremont detailsanother anon2019/10/30 09:03 PM
                Tremont detailsDoug S2019/10/29 10:11 PM
                  Tremont detailsanon.12019/10/30 07:28 AM
                  Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/30 08:42 AM
                    Tremont detailsDoug S2019/10/30 09:05 AM
                      Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/10/30 10:23 AM
                      Tremont detailsMaynard Handley2019/10/30 11:06 AM
                        Tremont detailsanon2019/10/30 05:13 PM
  Tremont detailsMichael S2019/10/30 02:55 AM
    Tremont detailsChester2019/10/30 05:15 PM
      Tremont detailswumpus2019/10/30 07:46 PM
        Tremont detailsanon2019/10/31 03:08 AM
          Tremont detailsMichael S2019/10/31 03:43 AM
            Tremont detailsanon2019/10/31 04:00 AM
      Tremont detailsMichael S2019/10/31 02:10 AM
        I'd totally buy a processor called "Ice Bridge" (NT)Gabriele Svelto2019/10/31 07:02 AM
        Tremont detailsChester2019/10/31 06:31 PM
          Tremont detailsMichael S2019/11/01 03:22 AM
            Tremont detailsJames2019/11/01 06:13 AM
            Tremont detailsme2019/11/01 12:46 PM
            Tremont detailsChester2019/11/01 12:59 PM
              Tremont detailsMichael S2019/11/02 01:38 PM
                Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/02 02:37 PM
          Tremont detailsTravis Downs2019/11/01 09:02 PM
            Tremont detailsChester2019/11/05 12:09 PM
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      The point of AtomMichael S2019/10/31 02:15 AM
        The point of Atomme2019/10/31 05:51 AM
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