Memory-memory move instructions on x86

By: (, December 31, 2019 11:47 am
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I do not understand why this forum is discussing whether MEMCMP string instruction should or should not be included in a CPU. The same can be said about a MEMCPY string instruction.

In my opinion, as far as x86&similar are concerned, an obvious step that would improve performance across all applications is addition of the MOV r/m,r/m instruction.

One reason why it would be faster than two register-memory instructions is that a memory-memory instruction has (that is: has to have, if done right) shorter encoding than a sequence of two register-memory instructions: MOV r/m,r; MOV r,r/m

Second reason why it would be faster is that it leaves more architectural registers for use by the compiler.

Third reason why it would be faster is that a memory-memory move instruction is allocating a register from the pool of registers internal to the CPU, and the number of these internal registers is much larger than the number of architectural programmer-visible registers, which enables higher number of instructions to be executed in parallel due to the simple fact that emptying a larger register pool is less probable (more difficult) then emptying a smaller register pool.

Motorola 68000 had memory-memory move instructions, but failed to retain its 20th century 80/90-ties market share due to factors mostly unrelated to the quality of 68000's instruction set.

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