By: Travis Downs (, January 12, 2020 8:28 pm
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I'd like to calculate the typical slew rate for the core voltage of a SKX CPU.

Here, you can find the minimum slew rate for the external voltage regulators needed for SKX, e.g., here:

SKX External VR Spec

From that, we can determine that the normal slew rate for Vccin (which I think is the relevant core voltage) is 25 mv/us / 4 = 6.25 mv/us.

However, this is the external voltage input, and if I understand correctly there may be another IVR on the package itself which further regulates that down to the final Vcc. For example, if we look at the VID table (Table 2-4), it ranges from 0.81 V to 2.72 V, which strikes me as too high to be used as Vcc (e.g,. MSR 0x198 reports Vcc as ~0.69 often when the CPU is running at low frequency and I imagine there are lower states).

So maybe there is some stepdown?

I'm interested in anything anyone knows, including:

- What IVR and FIVR really mean, e.g., how do FIVR and IVR differ? Is there still an in-package stepdown in either case?
- What the VR configuration is for SKL (desktop), SKL (mobile) and SKX.
- What the maximum slew rate for Vcc is in SKX (or any CPU)
- What MSR 0x198 (MSR_PERF_STATUS) is measuring: is it the VID (demanded voltage), or measured Vcc, or something else.

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