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By: Travis Downs (travis.downs.delete@this.gmail.com), January 17, 2020 1:10 pm
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Ray (no.delete@this.thanks.com) on January 17, 2020 1:22 am wrote:
> Travis Downs (travis.downs.delete@this.gmail.com) on January 16, 2020 8:20 pm wrote:
> > Here's a draft of a blog entry I'll post fully tomorrow:
> >
> > https://travisdowns.github.io/blog/2020/01/08/avxfreq.html
> >
> > Feedback, including frank feedback about things that are confusing or pointless, free
> > proofreading, whatever is welcome. Reply here or by email or whatever you want.
> >
> > Please don't repost this anywhere other than RWT for the moment, that's for tomorrow.
> >
> > Ignore TODOs, I'll fix them tomorrow.
> Can I make a small request to not name things "Type 1", "Type 2" etc. I hope it's not just me, but
> I am completely incapable of remembering things by number. I'll have to click back to your definition
> pretty much every time you use it. Please use even something vaguely descriptive before that. My
> brain just doesn't work that way, and maybe there are other people that are the same.

I changed this, but man it was a bit painful.

I went with "voltage" or "voltage-only" for Type 1 and "frequency" for Type 2.

> Suggestions:
> 1) I would suggest "Pre-downshift", "Downshift halt", "Post-downshift",
> "Upshift halt", and "Post-upshift" as names for regions.
> 2) It might be interesting to have a graph of IPC*Frequency, so it's trivial
> to see how much the combination of decreased/increased IPC and decreased/increased
> frequency are affecting actual effective processing capability.

It turns out not to be very interesting, because we are never really running the same workload at low and high frequencies, except for the 4x throttling thing. So yeah, if you are running 4x slower, the small 3.2 / 2.8 = ~14% frequency boost barely makes a dent, so the IPC graph looks the same as the IPC * freq graph, basically.

I do actually show what you want in the voltage section: when I show paytime (payload time), that's wall-clcok time (rdtsc cycles), so it is effectively ipc * frequency.

> 3) Please use an alpha of around 0.5 or so for your lines. It makes it much easier
> to figure out what is going on when they overlap. If you want, perhaps increase
> the alpha of the most important line a bit, and decrease the others.

I used some alpha now for the zoomed out charts, although I have my doubts it makes it much better? The zoomed in ones I think are clear enough because the noise and spread spectrum clocking tend to make the lines not totally overlapping.

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