finer-grained licenses

By: Travis Downs (, January 25, 2020 9:46 am
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anonymou5 ( on January 24, 2020 3:28 pm wrote:
> > > if I try those umask bits *individually*, then I see two behaviors
> > >
> > > on SKL, I get counter increments for bits 0, 1, etc. (though not the top ones of course)
> > >
> > > on SKX, I get counter increments for bits 1 to 5, but not for bit 0 (I don't know why)
> >
> > Very interesting! So the theory would be these are finer grained levels within each larger license category.
> >
> > Can you figure out how the levels are encoded? That is, is only 1 bit set at once, or within
> > a level is it encoded in binary, e.g., L0 could actually have 2^8 levels? I guess you could
> > check by seeing if the count for umask=0x1 plus umask=0x2 sums to the same as the count for
> > umask=0x3 (the same indicates it is 1-hot, otherwise seems like maybe binary encoding).
> >
> > Intuitively it makes sense that L0 has more levels, because there are probably more
> > opportunities for finer-grained power savings for very low power workloads, perhaps
> > things like a pause loop, or things that don't even use the 128-bit regs, while the
> > other levels have a pretty solid floor on the current because they support wide SIMD.
> my explanation probably wasn't clear enough
> yes, the umask bits do seem to be functional individually i.e. if I set them one by one
> instead of using the documented LVLn values, the counter nicely matches e.g. light/heavy

Thanks. I am modifying the test harness to report these values to see if I can see any correlation.

> > > so yeah, on SKX both LVL0 and LVL1 do indeed have 2 sub levels each, for a total of 5
> > >
> > > mapping those 5 levels to only 3 frequency curves is a simplification on Intel's part
> >
> > Well yeah, imagine trying to explain 5 levels... 3 is bad enough. The sub-levels
> > are probably mostly invisible since they only involve voltage changes.

It's an interesting paper, but should I be looking at anything specific? I didn't quite catch the relevance (except to prove that yes, di/dt events are a thing and there are specific analog ways of mitigating them: this certainly doesn't exclude other ways like dispatch throttling: I guess they are complementary).

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