Logic in leading foundry process nodes

By: Moritz (better.delete@this.not.tell), January 24, 2020 11:28 am
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Does anyone know specifics about the cmos logic circuits in leading foundry nodes? We get shown pictures and dimensions of individual transistors or SRAM cells but that doesn't mean that there is one such device right next to it in every direction, they could be far from each other with mostly vias costing the area.
What I mean is the logic's geometry/layout. I assume their circuits:
* are based on some periodic pattern because only so it's possible to reach the feature sizes.
* use hand crafted macros/generators/templates for the usual stuff (adder, MUX)
But because of the regularity maybe there is less flexibility for optimization. Maybe only NAND2 gates with fixed fan-out are available?
Do circuits now all look like sea-of-gates?
On eeTimes I found "The area of a NAND2 cell is 0.0394 μm²". That is an information you usually don't get. I suppose it would be easy to find out what the NAND2 equivalent of a RTL description one has is and then calculate the area.
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