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By: Adrian (a.delete@this.acm.org), April 20, 2020 9:55 am
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Alberto (git.delete@this.git.it) on April 20, 2020 9:07 am wrote:
> Obviously AMD can not pack 8 cores and a powerful GPU in only 15W, even on 7nm.
> In my knowledge all Renoir U Laptops available are set at 25W(+chipset) and all Renoir H
> laptops show a power consumption that is well in line with the higher IPC of the cores.
> Looking at recent articles there is not a big difference between a 45W Renoir H for gamers and
> a 45 W 8C/16T Coffee Lake H for gamers too. There is a small difference in performance but nothing
> of dramatic. On CB they are neck to neck. The battery live at the same capacity is similar.

I always wonder where do you find such reviews.

I have read a very large number of reviews comparing Ryzen 4000H with Comet Lake H and the difference in power efficiency is huge, AMD being far better than Intel.

Comet Lake H can reach about the same performance as Ryzen 4000H, but only when using about 60% to 70% more power, i.e. a Comet Lake H consuming 65 W has about the same performance as a Ryzen 4000H at 40 W (so a Ryzen configured at 45 W TDP or at the maximum 54 W TDP will be faster).

I have not seen yet comprehensive benchmarks of Ryzen 4000U vs. Comet Lake U and Ice Lake U, but, based on the Intel and AMD specifications, there is little doubt that at equal 15 W power consumption the performance of Ryzen will be much higher.

There exists only one market where Intel remains superior to AMD, because AMD has not entered that market yet, mobile workstations.

If you want a laptop with 64 GB of ECC memory, then you must wait August 2020 and buy a mobile workstation with an Intel Comet Lake H Xeon (all of which will be configured to a 65 W TDP instead of the official default of 45 W TDP). Otherwise, AMD processors consume much less power at the same performance.

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