68K equivalent of Pentium Chronicles?

By: John H (john.delete@this.spam.not.com), May 9, 2020 4:14 am
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Hey all -

Are there any good books or sources of information similar to "The Pentium Chronicles" but for Motorola's 68K line?

I'm curious about how development continued after the original 68000 - what factors drove it, and also I'd like to know about the marketing/pricing of those processors as time developed.

I know that Motorola sort of artificially held back or priced up higher clocked 68000's for example to avoid overshadowing 68020 (which had an impact on computers and consoles stagnating on the 8 MHz 68000 for years, for example). I'd also like to hear the engineers take on the architecture, missed opportunities, etc..

Thanks :)

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