Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)

By: anonymous2 (, June 2, 2020 11:23 pm
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Surprised nobody has posted this yet.

Various sites claiming there is a potential AMD (with Samsung?) ARM SoC, a bit like what NV has with Tegra.


2x Gaugin_Pro Mobile Core @ 3.0 GHz (Cortex-X1 based)
2x Gaugin_Mobile Core @ 2.6 GHz (Cortex-A78 based)
4x Arm Cortex-A55 clocked @ 2.0 GHz


AMD Radeon RDNA 2 Mobile with 4x compute units @ 700 Mhz that claims to be 45% faster than Adreno 650 GPU found in Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC, and supports real-time hardware ray-tracing and variable rate shading.
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Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)anonymous22020/06/02 11:23 PM
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      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)none2020/06/03 08:19 AM
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          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)nobody in particular2020/06/03 01:36 PM
          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Doug S2020/06/03 03:29 PM
        Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Maynard Handley2020/06/03 03:06 PM
          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Maynard Handley2020/06/03 03:23 PM
            Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Maynard Handley2020/06/03 03:28 PM
              Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Foo_2020/06/03 03:33 PM
                Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)dmcq2020/06/03 03:41 PM
                  Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Brett2020/06/03 05:27 PM
                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Chester2020/06/03 08:33 PM
              Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Anon2020/06/03 04:05 PM
          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)anon22020/06/03 06:23 PM
          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/04 12:12 AM
            Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/04 12:46 AM
              Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/05 08:31 AM
                Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)none2020/06/05 09:17 AM
                  Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)nobody in particular2020/06/05 04:31 PM
                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)none2020/06/06 10:45 AM
                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)useruser2020/06/06 01:10 PM
                        Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)none2020/06/06 03:52 PM
                          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)nobody in particular2020/06/06 04:57 PM
                            Thanks! (NT)none2020/06/06 11:42 PM
                            Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/07 01:11 AM
                              Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/07 01:33 AM
                                Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/07 01:11 PM
                                  Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/07 02:54 PM
                                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)anon22020/06/07 06:58 PM
                                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/08 06:46 AM
                                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/07 11:07 PM
                                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/08 06:30 AM
                                        Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Foo_2020/06/08 12:41 PM
                                          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/08 03:19 PM
                                            Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Foo_2020/06/09 03:03 AM
                                          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Michael S2020/06/09 01:03 AM
                                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)anonymous22020/06/08 02:02 AM
                                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Gabriele Svelto2020/06/08 03:20 PM
                                Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Linus Torvalds2020/06/07 03:57 PM
                                  Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Doug S2020/06/07 05:54 PM
                                    Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Brett2020/06/07 10:11 PM
                                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)dmcq2020/06/08 06:27 AM
                                      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Doug S2020/06/08 11:14 AM
                                        Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Mark Roulo2020/06/08 12:39 PM
                                          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Doug S2020/06/08 01:57 PM
                          Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Maynard Handley2020/06/07 10:20 AM
                            Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Jukka Larja2020/06/08 06:19 AM
                              Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Foo_2020/06/08 12:37 PM
        Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Ronald Maas2020/06/04 08:10 AM
      Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)Brett2020/06/03 12:15 PM
  Rumor: AMD C7 (ARM Cortext-X1/A78/...)none2020/06/03 06:39 AM
    marketing peopleblu2020/06/04 06:22 AM
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