Fine-grained binning of OOOE structures

By: Travis Downs (, June 18, 2020 5:40 pm
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Here's a claim from Twitter that you can reduce certain OoO structures (let's say things like scheduler entries, ROB size, load/store buffers, etc) if defects are found inside them, to save the chip from the trash can, and sell it in a lower bin:

the list is very long ... You can even reduce OoO windows to improve your yield by pushing them on the lower end, every single buffer can be made smaller to still use the dices, a dead die is pure lost, so, find a way

[this type of binning] was done in the past, if you reject factor is because of an area, find way around, requalify with the new size and you got a good Pentium low end CPU ;)

Any thoughts on it? It certainly seems tough in some cases: when you have some ordered structures to just have missing entries in the middle of it, but what do I know?

What makes me more skeptical is tat such "reduced buffer size" chips would form a big family of flavors that would have very different and detectable performance characteristics in some cases, but I don't remember that ever coming up (unless say *all* Pentium chips had their OOOE buffers reduced in the same way, for consistency).
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